Alternative Wedding Rings

Custom Wedding Set 4

I had a request through my Etsy shop for a pair of customized, hand stamped wedding rings. I love it any time I get to work on a project for a wedding. It just feels so humbling to get to be a part of a couple’s special day.

Stamped Spinner 1

The bride’s ring is stamped on the inside with special dates and two small hearts. I love this style of spinner ring because the delicate bead wire contrasts so nicely with the thick, chunky silver ring – it makes for a ring that’s bold and feminine at the same time.

The groom’s ring was a new design. The couple wanted something that was very wide (15mm) and divided into three parts with personalized stamping on the inside.

Men's Wedding Ring 5

I wasn’t sure about the ring at first, it seemed so big. Once I added the stamping and blackened the ring, though, I was sold. It’s rough, rugged, and bold. All I can say is that this is a ring for a real man.

Custom Wedding Set 1

I love the personalization on these rings and how they’ll always have these special dates on their rings, taking them along wherever they go. I’m so happy that they chose me to create their rings and wish them all the best in their marriage 🙂