Gold Spinner Ring


I may have a new obsession.  And it’s expensive.

In December, I bought gold for the first time to make my mom a pair of earrings for Christmas.  I was terrified as I held my torch to the gold to flow the solder, but they soldered beautifully!

I had asked some metalsmiths in advance, “what do I need to know about soldering gold?”  They told me that if I could solder sterling silver, I’d have no problem with gold.  I kind of didn’t believe them.

Since making the earrings, I’ve been thinking about doing a spinner ring using gold and finally bought the materials.


The wide ring is a flared sterling silver wide (1.1cm) band and the spinners are 14K twisted yellow gold and 14K rose gold.

  I just love how this ring turned out, and it is so comfortable to wear.  I’m excited to slowly introduce some new gold items to my product line!


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