My Name is Tracy and I’m a Creative Night Owl…

Sterling Silver Spinner Ring
Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

I have always been a creative person.  When I was little, I used to catch chipmonks in a box at my grandparents’ house to draw them before letting them go.  When I was a teenager, I would be up all hours of the night drawing and painting.

I’ve always done my best work and had my best inspiration late at night, with my music on, after everyone else in the house has long gone to sleep.  That’s okay when you’re a teenager.  You’re supposed to stay up all night!  But now, I have a job and a busy toddler and sometimes I have to force myself to go to bed.

Other times, like Wednesday this week, I stay up late to create, work or no work.  I had a Russian Wedding Ring to make for a customer and I messed up the sizing.  I had to make a size 5.5 and it ended up being a size 6, so I made two.

Russian Wedding Ring

After that, I was really in creative mode and I’ve been wanting to make a spinner ring for a while now.  I haven’t made one since I was taking a beginner metalsmithing course back in 2007.

Spinner Ring3

I have to admit, I love this ring.  It’s heavy and fairly wide, but the thin half bead spinner in the middle makes it seem delicate and feminine at the same time.  Sometimes it’s worth being sleep deprived when something like this comes out of it!


2 thoughts on “My Name is Tracy and I’m a Creative Night Owl…

  1. Your spinner ring is gorgeous! Where did you purchase the beaded wire in the middle? I love your site. I’ll be back,

    1. Thanks Marti!
      I bought the spinner wire from Rio Grande – they have half bead and full bead wire. This is half bead but I just ordered the full bead for next time.
      Thanks for visiting!

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