Happy Mother’s Day to Me

I made myself a little present for my first Mother's Day.
I made myself a little present for my first Mother’s Day.

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!

I started this blog to showcase photographs of my jewellery and DIY projects.  I thought I would start of by showing a new anklet that I made.  I made this as a gift to myself for my first Mother’s Day!

My little daughter, Emmalynn, was born October 23 and this has been the best 6 months of my life!  I can’t believe how fast she is growing up – today she said “mama” for the first time (although it was 100% by accident!!)

New Mom Ankle Bracelet
New Mom Ankle Bracelet

This ankle bracelet was made using sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals.  Every single link was hand formed by making a coil of wire on a knitting needle then cutting with a jeweller’s saw.  Each link is then soldered and shaped with plyers.  I cut the disks from silver sheet and hand stamped my daughter’s name and date of birth onto them.

I just love the way it looks after coming out of the tumbler to get a high shine!